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Search Engine Optimization and Increasing Profit

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of today’s online business dealings. It can boost your business transactions and productivity. As the number of people viewing your business website increases, there is a big possibility that the sales of your product will also increase. Search engine optimization is widely used now. For beginners however, it […]

How To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page


After my two posts concerning how to create a Facebook fan page and then how to set your Facebook fan page username I thought it only proper to finish off the series with a post on how to promote your Facebook fan page once you had it up and running. Here are the ways that […]

Top 5 Small Business Website Mistakes

As we work with small business owners daily to develop their plan for their online presence we hear a lot of the same questions and at the end of the day the customer is always right but there are things we try to help people keep away from or things that we find that maybe […]

Target High Conversion SEO Rankings

One of the things I see come up over and over (and over) again when people are discussing various domains and developments is that… does not rank well in Google for the keyword websiteA, I thought I would explain a bit about why this is not a good way to judge rankings, because in […]

Google Adsense Targeting Fail – WordPress Caching Tips

Today while reviewing my Google Adsense statistics for my WordPress news aggregation site focused on the Apple iPhone I noticed that the CTR and RPC had dropped dramatically the past 24 hours. This site is a very consistent performer so it was an obvious drop even though it was only over a short period of […]

Search marketing is gaining popularity among retailers

A considerable amount of web-only retailers believe that search engine marketing helps to get good results compared to other forms of online marketing based on a survey conducted by Internet retailer. They find search marketing as an effective strategy to adopt amid glooming economy. The survey says natural search results are providing better ROI than […]

Outlining your websites destiny with articles

We’ve done it all throughout junior high, it expanded longer through high school, then in college it became chapters. No matter how many times a person has done it, writing articles has proven to be a task many have continuously avoided. Now is a time when writing articles could help your job or work. While […]

Inbound linking strategy for effective Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization cannot be ignored for your website if you aim to get top rankings and visibility in the search engines. Both web experts and site owners know the importance of SEO for running a successful website. Different techniques are used to carry out this process according to your business type. Inbound links plays […]

Simple but Effective Techniques of Search Engine Optimization

To be able to rank well in major search engine like google, yahoo, msn, a search engine optimization is the only way to achieve the goal. Once the site is top ranked in the search engine, it will naturally result in continue of increasing the web traffic. Hence, in order to achieve and sustain successful […]

How to unmask pseudo SEO consultants

In last few years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has dawned as one of the most economical and effective medium for long term business promotion. Either you are a small or medium scaled business owner, you wish to advertise and promote your website in the most cost effective way. In general, it is not expected from […]